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  Balbir Singh  
Balbir Singh,
Formula 1 physiotherapist to Michael Schumacher for 10 years:
  Jenson Button  
Jenson Button,
Formula One World Champion and triathlete
  Mike Collier  
Mike Collier,
Formula One physiotherapist and triathlete
  „I was sceptical but then I tried it and thought, oh, that really is something. There are certain things that you have to experience for yourself...  
  Balbir Singh  
  “It is used the airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. Its used before all practice sessions, qualifying and races in order to facilitate my performance...  
  Jenson Button  
  „Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, always striving for advancements in technology to gain performance over one another’s competitors...  
  Mike Collier  
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