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  Jenson Button  
Jenson Button,
Formula 1 world champion and triathlete:
  Balbir Singh  
Balbir Singh,
Formula 1 physiotherapist to Michael Schumacher for 10 years:
  Uwe Meissner  
Uwe Meissner,
Ferrari F1 Clienti Team Leader:
  “I use the airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. Its used before all practice sessions, qualifying and races in order to facilitate my performance. I feel its an essential part of my race preparation this year and I take it with me all over the world. I also use it following tough training sessions to aid recovery and aid my next day performance.”
  „I was sceptical but then I tried it and thought, oh, that really is something. There are certain things that you have to experience for yourself. And that is why I am convinced that other people should use this technology. It has a fantastic effect and why shouldn’t they make use of it. That is my message and I keep trying to get it across. Furthermore, I have discovered that one gets an extra kick if one also drinks the water.“
  „As regards fitness I experienced Airnergy in May of this year. Although I was aware of my improved fitness, I was still very surprised by the improved fitness curve. Neither on the demanding race track in Monaco nor in the gym did I suffer any loss of condition after 45 minutes. The positive effect of regular use should not be underestimated.“
  Marco Werner  
Marco Werner,
AUDI Factory Driver, ALMS Champion, Winner 24 hr. Le Mans:
  Mike Collier  
Mike Collier,
Physiotherapist in Formula 1 and Triathlete:
  Other Users Airnergy Anwender  
Other users from the
  "Thanks to Airnergy my concentration during the race improved, despite the negative effects of time zone shifts and lack of training. Not total lack of training but it was less than during last season. Intensive monitoring of my pulse rate showed me that Airnergy had improved my heart rate – in particular resting pulse – or that I could be active again more quickly. Especially for long-distance races, sometimes driving stints of more than two hours, these aspects are also important from the safety point of view. That means that I was able to improve my concentration during the course of the race. My summary: better concentration – better fitness – better pulse values – better general well-being."
  „Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, always striving for advancements in technology to gain performance over one another’s competitors. As the physiotherapist and sports scientist to Jenson Button I am responsible for his human performance and am always interested to hear about new training principles, approaches and technologies that can improve the drivers performance. As such the use of the Airnergy system was appealing for many reasons mainly however for its documented effects on alertness, recovery, and the immune system. While the product is still in its infancy as well as our application of the system, the initial consensus is a positive one and we continue to use it at all race events. As the equipment is more widely used, its research will demonstrate how Airnergy will be beneficial for you.“  
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