Airnergy - Energy from Inside

Vital element for driver and vehicle

The technical engineers in motor sports understand the properties and the power of the invisible gas. They consider it in almost every detail. They know that air makes the difference between winning and losing. It is indispensible and is central to every aspect. There is no way round it.

Airnergy has now pioneered a way to improve it to benefit drivers, not only to give them more concentration and endurance but primarily for their health, fitness and safety.

What keeps the driver alive…?

In technical races the driver is still the decisive controller between the steering wheel and the pedals. It is up to him to find the exact fraction of a second that will decide between pole position and gravel bed.

And his most important companion in this: the air he breathes. Amazingly we hardly ever pay attention to this, although it represents our reserve and we would only live a few minutes without it. Furthermore, humans are generally and by nature inefficient users of air as they breathe out around 75 % (!) of this natural fuel unused – during stress or intense physical exertion this percentage is even higher.

Airnergy does not constitute doping*

Airnergy has found the solution and is the first to have developed a technology to help the user improve the efficiency of the air he breathes within his own body (in the cells). In this technology the respiratory air – in its natural composition – is “energised” or “activated” by means of a patented method – without increasing the oxygen level or ionising it or adding ozone.

Athletes who regularly take Airnergy can thereby strengthen their bodies and obtain more efficiency from their respiratory air. Airnergy is not doping.

Balbir Singh,

Formula 1 physiotherapist to Michael Schumacher for 10 years:

„I was sceptical but then I tried it and thought, oh, that really is something. There are certain things that you have to experience for yourself…

Jenson Button,

Formula One World Champion and triathlete:

“I use the airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. Its used before all practice sessions, qualifying and races in order to facilitate my performance…

Mike Collier,

Formula One physiotherapist and triathlete:

„Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, always striving for advancements in technology to gain performance over one another’s competitors…


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Legal information: The Airnergy principle has produced amazing results in many individual treatments and pilot studies that have made scientists and doctors sit up and take notice. However, we must point out that neither the therapeutic method outlined here nor the effect you might expect from it has yet been proven from a legal or conventional medical point of view.