BENEFIT - greater efficiency

Inhaling Airnergy increases concentration and fitness and accelerates regeneration.

Airnergy studied the basic principle of oxygen utilisation and learned from nature how the oxygen in the atmosphere must be processed, how the body recognises it so that it can make better use of it in the cells and metabolise it to produce energy.

The positive reactions in the body are explained solely by the biological significance of atmospheric oxygen and serve to form and regenerate cells in general.

This explains why Airnergy can promote additional energy from head to toe, in each individual cell and therefore benefit the whole human system. Improved oxygen utilisation supports essential processes in the organism and in particular enables the cells to produce more energy (ATP). The autonomic nervous system can regulate itself better and more quickly and so can compensate for stress more easily.

Expert opinion:

In 2011 the renowned sports doctor, Prof. Dr .med. Klaus Jung, who is also a doctor of internal medicine and complementary medicine, compiled a medical-scientific expert report on the Airnergy method. Here is an extract from his summing up:

“As a critical scientist and practising sports doctor, I am convinced of the effectiveness of spirovitalisation and I support the company Airnergy in its efforts to establish spirovitalisation as a standard for health, safety and performance for racing drivers and to establish it among the athletes in this sport.”

Airnergy can be taken at any time, e.g. during massage, whilst on the treadmill or stepper, when relaxing or even during the team meeting. Experience has shown that Airnergy should be inhaled for about 20 minutes one hour before the race (concentration, fitness) and ideally also afterwards (regeneration). Even after just 14 days of regular use the energy can be subjectively felt – and objectively it is immediately apparent by measuring HRV (Heart Rate Variability). It is not possible to overdose on it.

Balbir Singh,

Formula 1 physiotherapist to Michael Schumacher for 10 years:

„I was sceptical but then I tried it and thought, oh, that really is something. There are certain things that you have to experience for yourself…

Jenson Button,

Formula One World Champion and triathlete:

“I use the airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. Its used before all practice sessions, qualifying and races in order to facilitate my performance…

Mike Collier,

Formula One physiotherapist and triathlete:

„Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, always striving for advancements in technology to gain performance over one another’s competitors…


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Legal information: The Airnergy principle has produced amazing results in many individual treatments and pilot studies that have made scientists and doctors sit up and take notice. However, we must point out that neither the therapeutic method outlined here nor the effect you might expect from it has yet been proven from a legal or conventional medical point of view.